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Thomas Guy Kimpel was born and raised among the cornfields of Central Indiana. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Chemisty from Indiana University in 1979 and a Doctor of Medicine from Indian University School of Medicine in 1983. After completing a four-year  residency in Augusta Georgia, Dr. Kimpel practiced neurology for thirteen years in the beautiful Pacific Norhwest, where he continues to live and love. After becoming disabled from practicing medicine in 2000 due to severe Narcolepssy/Cataplexy, he re-discovered a forgotten penchant for writing and had been penning stories and essays and articles ever  since. “It’s good, because I can do it sitting down and my computer never gets alarmed or angry when I fall asleep.”

Johnny Moonbeam in Cyberspace is Kimpel’s debut novel and the first in a series of young adult books about three very resourceful and highly resilient teens from the fictional town of Mystic, Indiana, set just to the north of Indianapolis.

TK—as he prefers to be called, although no one does—is still smitten and very much in love with  his wife of over twenty-seven-years, Dr. L. Lee Carlisle, child psychiatrist and Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine.  They have two wonderful daughters, Frances, who now lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and Kathryn, who currently attends Bryn Mawr College, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.