Johnny Moonbeam in Cyberspace

This is the Johnny Moonbeam blog. My name is Tom Kimpel and my new book, which will be available on October 28, is called Johnny Moonbeam in Cyberspace. It’s a contemporary, young adult novel that takes place in the fictional town of Mystic Indiana, a small town just North of Indianapolis.
The main characters are: Johnny Abel (a.k.a. Johnny Moonbeam), who rides tornados,  hacks into the FBI, and uses nuclear filled Twinkies to fight epic battles in cyberspace. Mary Valentine, a sassy, streetwise fifteen-year-old who believes she was given over to the wrong mother in the hospital. Instead living like the princes she was born to be, Mary is barely surviving in a white-trash neighborhood with a ne’er-do-well mother and a string of abusive stepfathers. Susan Goodenough, a certifiable genius with an IQ of 160, attends the best private schools money can buy—and has the social skills of a turnip. When 18-year-old brother, Stephen, who has also served as a parent and friend (indeed, only friend) inexplicably abandons her, Susan’s life turns dark and lonely and completely unbearable.
The story: Young Johnny Abel, trapped inside a too-small bedroom for the majority of his life, endures a brutal childhood by dissociating from his frail human body and becoming the cosmic superhero Johnny Moonbeam, invincible. Now he’s fourteen and longs to be a normal boy, to have a normal life. When he finally gets his chance, it’s not that easy. Johnny, who knows nothing of being normal, falls into a into an ever deeper and darker depression. His life is spiraling out of control until…Enter one fifteen-year-old, spunky, sassy, streetwise girl named Mary Valentine. She’s everything Johnny isn’t and, for the first time he can remember, life is worth living. Mary, however, comes with her own baggage: she’s being stalked by a man who is far more dangerous than either of them imagined.
Then, as if life isn’t already hard enough for the two of them, Mary befriends a troubled thirteen-year-old girl, Susan, who begs Mary to help her escape an intolerable home situation. Johnny and Mary agree to rescue the needy girl but in the process, their cover is blown, and now they are wanted for kidnapping. With no one to turn to but each other, the three teens find themselves in a fight for their lives. They must somehow survive, find a new place to live, and avoid being caught by the state-wide manhunt underway to find them.

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