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Post number two for the Johnny Moonbeam blog:

I’m writing this first paragraph last. I meant to keep this entry short and failed. So, here are the highlights. Because my first post did not identify what this blog is all about, I have taken this opportunity to do so. Topics open for discussion include, though are not limited to, writing; literature (specially YA); technology (especially computers); tornadoes; and, with some reservation, dissociative identity disorder, or DID.

The full meal deal:
I admit it: I’m new to this blogging business. I was so excited to get the blog actually up and working, and then when it happened, I was sort of shell-shocked. What do I do now? I’ve never done blogging before. I have done several websites, and once they are up and running, you’re done. You pat yourself on the back and exhale. Blogs, apparently, are different. Getting them up and running is just getting started. It’s kind of like the difference between saying I do, slipping the ring on her finger, and kissing the bride as opposed to actually doing marriage for 27 years. In addition to everything else, it requires ongoing attention and a bit of work. And, I hope, a lot of fun.
When I realized that I wasn’t done, that I needed to write a post for my blog, I picked myself up off the floor, and tried to think what to say. Shell-shocked brains, however, do not think well and so I sort of copped-out by giving a summary of my new novel, Johnny Moonbeam in cyberspace. Now, with a good night sleep behind me, and coffee in the cup, my brain is firing on all cylinders. As many as it has, anyway. So I ask myself again, what is this blog about? People will want to know this. I want to know. Perhaps then, I should decide. So I did. This is what I decided. The Johnny Moonbeam blog should be about everything Johnny Moonbeam. This covers a wide variety of issues, but there are a few, in particular, that I should point out:
-Because Johnny Moonbeam is a fictional character living solely within the pages of a novel (sorry Johnny, but this is just the fact), and because I am the author, anything related to writing, books—especially YA literature—and even publishing is fair game.
-Because Johnny is a computer wizard, a hacker, and a gamer, essentially anything to do with technology, especially computers, is appropriate.
-Johnny is fairly obsessed with tornadoes, and so this, too, is a viable topic for the blog.
-And finally, because at the core of Johnny’s character is a young boy who, in order to deal with a brutal and unpredictable father, dissociates from his helpless human body and spends a good bit of time living in an alternate universe as alter ego Johnny Moonbeam, discussions concerning dissociative identity disorder, henceforth known as DID, would seem to me to be appropriate. It also seems to me to be a possible Pandora’s box. We’ll see how this goes.

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