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Johnny Abel endures a brutal upbringing the only way he knows how: he dissociates from his helpless human body and becomes cosmic superhero, Johnny Moonbeam. Then, a month before his 15th birthday, life takes a giant u-turn. Only later, when he has time to ponder the events of that first day of a new life, does Johnny realize that most fourteen-year-olds would cry out in anguish, or cry for help, or just cry. He’s stunned, naturally. . . , and yet, Johnny only wants to cry out in ecstasy. Many fourteen-year-olds he supposes, would feel abandoned, or broken, but Johnny experiences no such sentiments. He is overwhelmed with a sense of wonder, like the world is opening up all around him, and he will finally find out how big it is. A normal fourteen-year-old would certainly call the police or go to a neighbor for help.  For Johnny Abel, however, normal is no more than an abstract concept, one he knows little about.  He does know this much: calling the police always makes things worse.

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Finally free of his shackled childhood, Johnny looks forward to a new life. But it’s not that easy. Falling into an ever deeper and darker depression, his life spirals out of control until…Enter one fifteen-year-old, spunky, sassy, streetwise girl named Mary Valentine. She’s everything Johnny isn’t and, for the first time he can remember, life is worth living. Mary, however, comes with her own baggage and the two soon find themselves in a fight for their lives.

When another displaced teen, 13-year-old Susan—a certifiable genius with an IQ of 160 and the common sense of a possum—joins the pair of renegades, the three form a surrogate family. Now the police are after them and there is a statewide manhunt. They have each other, but is that enough?